Dear Valued Partners and Employees,

The ever-growing Xeno Group is moving towards becoming a global player in the industry with the world standard product service quality and the goal of sustainable success. Xeno Group which has put its signature in all the areas of service since its foundation differentiates itself from the competition through its implementation of innovative projects.

Xeno Group values the social responsibility as much as corporate responsibility therefore makes great contribution with the projects it carries out.

Xeno group takes great pride in investing into research and development projects in order to maintain sustainable growth and become a key name in the industry.

Xeno group is contributing to the future of the country with 14 companies and 200 staff under its roof. We will certainly continue to fulfil our responsibilities to our society and environment and will continue our contribution into the development of Turkey with our investments and projects.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and members of staff.

Kind Regards,
Recep Aydın